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This blog brings to you tales of travels. Trips and practical tips of holidays in Europe, South America, Asia. It explores the viability of DIY itineraries where travelling, is more than just ticking off palaces, museums and parks. The excitement begins from the planning stage continues with reading and then absorbing the nuances of a new place and culture, once you are there.


There is so much to explore. One life is just not enough. And what I love about going to new places is having local experiences, using Public Transport at certain points, which also helps to cut costs.  There is so much learning that happens. Its huge. One starts looking at life anew. And I never want to stop.

The Story Telling Couch

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   Be our Featured Guest of the Month.

Most of us become trigger happy and take so many pictures when we are travelling. Sadly, most of them do not see the light of day. We are, therefore, inviting you on this platform, to share your photographs with a small write up about the place and relive those magical moments. Do remember pictures have to be original and not more than 15 in number. If you wish to flaunt your pictures, write to us at somajm@gmail.com

Our Guest of the Month

Udita and Prateep Das

"Despite our punishing schedules, Udita and myself would love to travel more. Moreover, financial prioritising makes us look out for attractive deals. So when GoAir introduced their maiden flights to Phuket, we immediately knew where we wanted to be on our second anniversary: in Thailand!!"

Thailand Part One

Our Coffee wall


Tina Shangloo


Below you will find a colorful story lurking behind every  picture. If using desktop version, hover over the B&W picture and see it come alive. Some stories have been written and some yet to be. There is so much to share. If you wish to know the Untold Story behind any picture below, write to me at somajm@gmail.com

ROUEN: A city Frozen in time
New Story...coming soon
New story....coming soon



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