Panoramic Sightseeing of Stockholm

This 75 minutes Panoramic tour was booked online from Viator, when we had finalized and booked our hotel stays. A softcopy on your mobile is enough to board the bus at Adolfs Torg, Stockholm. 

It was a comfortable journey on a covered double decker bus, with an audio guide in English (booked). We passed by the Royal palace, Stockholm City Hall, Strandbryggan waterfront, Kungsgatan, the fashion street we were in, onto Gamla Stan and back. It was a good overall view. 

As it was a passive touring, no hopping off and getting down, the tendency is to want to doze off, as we had been travelling. A live local guide in person would have made it far more interesting. Maybe a hop on hop off would be a better alternative. But if you are pressed for time, this would be ideal to get an overall perspective of Stockholm. I just wished the bus could have stopped for some time at Gamla Stan in this tour. Then we needn't have had to go separately by ourselves.

Is a Panorama sightseeing better than a Hop On Hop Off? We would like your take on this.

This is only a part. Read more about the complete Itinerary in the Stockholm Diaries.  For a detailed Itinerary Plan, you can always write to us at We would love to share our do's and don'ts with you. One of the most important reason why we have opened this blog: to inspire more people to share the Joys of Traveling with.

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