I Amsterdam, Amsterdam

When one thinks Amsterdam, besides windmills, the immediate recall is the red and white letters with an IAMSTRDAM shout. Iconic of Amsterdam as the Eiffel or Moullin Rouge of Paris, these letters were located in Museumplein, infront of Rjiksmuseum. 2 m tall, 23.5 m across, they have been sought out by tourists as the most poplar backdrop for selfies and pictures, a slice of Amsterdam that everyone used to crave for.


No More. On December 03, 2018, The Amsterdam Muncipality has removed this iconic landmark due to fear of mass tourism for something that does not bring out the essence of the city which has a rich history, art and culture. They feel, that IAmsterdam spells a self centred individualism, whereas what Amsterdam wants to celebrate is diversity and breadth of vision. This is bad news for Instagrammers. Read more about it at https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/news

In our visit to Amsterdam in August, we unabashedly, posed and clicked infront of this iconic landmark. I remember the day. It was cloudy and we took tram no 2 from the Floating Flower market to Museumplein. It was 10 am and quite crowded, even then. We lazed around, watching the maintenence people cleaning the place continuously by their vehicle and workforce. After taking some pictures....I would like calling it..freezing some moments to take home, we walked towards Rjiksmuseum, walked along the cycle track between two wings of the Museum and peeped in. This tunnel between the two wings of a museum is the only one in the world which allows cyclists to pass through. But that is Amsterdam for you..the city of cyclists. There were street artists singing there too.

In the pond of the MuseumSquare was a 13 m high iconic sculture of the "Self Portrait of a Dreamer", an open air art installation by Joseph Klibansky. Inaugurated on January , 2018, this art installation of a dreamer and astronaut 

will be exhibited somewhere else after sometime. Maybe, you will find it in the canals of Brugges, urging people to awaken their dreams and ambitions.

Two in our group wanted to visit Van Goghs museum. But majority felt that a two day itinerary couldnt afford this, as we wanted to experience as much of Amsterdam as we could manage. There was a brewery in a windmill, the highest swings and panorama in ADam Lookout and a grand Public square on a terrace top all lined up to see. So we had to bid adieu and move on. But weren't we thankful we got to see the IAmsterdam ?

How many of you feel, this is a wrong decision, to pull down this iconic landmark? Do let us know in the Comment box below.

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