Stay  Connected 

To stay connected to your loved ones back home and for ease of access in a new place, mobile data is a must. You require data to use Google Maps, Google search, WhatsApp chat/ Viber or Skype call.

  • Its an advantage if you have dual SIM slot. One slot can carry your domestic SIM card. The other slot you can keep vacant till you put in a SIM abroad. This falls much cheaper than going for an International Roaming pack for the Indian traveller. 

  • If you are travelling in multiple European countries, do keep in mind, In June 2017, the EU implemented the “roam like at home” rule, due to which there are no roaming fees within EU.  If you buy a SIM card in one EU country and travel to another EU country, you cannot be charged a roaming fee. So again, a local SIM of the Schengen country you are in, is a better bet than a global SIM card.

  • Disable mobile data on your home country SIM and buy a local SIM card instead. For the EU it is easier as you can use an EU SIM in any EU country. Some of the Mobile service provider you can use in EU are Telenor, Telia , Tele2

  • When you are buying a SIM card abroad, be clear as you tell them your requirement for the right plan. There are plans to cover data and local calls in the whole of EU. You can check out the  Telenor Plans  to get a fair idea of costs involved.

  • Activate international roaming one day prior to your departure. Remember to disable international roaming when you get back home.

  • Always choose a hotel that gives you free wifi.​

  • When a call comes from your home country, if your domestic SIM is still activated, while travelling, do not ring off or answer. Let the ring finish and then call back from Whatsapp/ Skype/ Viber

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