Ice Bar, Stockholm

Our visit to the Ice Bar was slotted for 8.30 pm. It was barely 350 m away from our hotel Scandic no 53.  We had booked the tickets online to get a cheaper price.


It is the worlds first permanent Ice Bar. Maintained at temperatures of -5 degrees, everything was made of ice: the glass cubes, the bar. Besides, there were some beautiful ice sculptures, an ice throne, inscriptions on Ice panels.....It was so cold, one cannot stay long. The bar men rotate duties every 3 to 4 hours. One is provided thermal hooded cloaks and gloves, but be advised to wear warm clothes. 

A must do, the experience was very unique.....what with the loud music, people dancing,  changing lights, making the icy sculptures and interiors something very beautiful and once in a while experience. There are Ice Sculpting activities also you can pay for and take part.

For booking your time slots, you should visit the official web page of the Ice Bar of Ice Hotel, Stockholm

Where are the other Ice Bars of the world?? 

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