P and J Apartments

We booked P and J Apartments,  because it was close to the Old Town market square, the pick up point of our Tour for Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration camps. And as our sole purpose of our Krakow visit was the tour to the World Heritage sights of Auschwitz-Birkenau camps. But in retrospect, having been there, the historic centre of Krakow is also a UNESCO world heritage centre and worth staying over for two nights minimum. 

As we had reached at 11.30am, we had to leave our luggage at the cloakroom at 39, Florianska street and then walk down 10 ins to the Old Town Square. The only disadvantage was, we had to climb one floor upstairs to keep our luggage. And, when we came back in the evening, we had to go to our staying accommodation , about 15 mins away and again climb up steps to the first floor to our rooms with luggage. Although they did provide us with a vehicle from the cloakroom to the staying accommodation and the driver of the vehicle helped us with our luggage too. 

But the location couldnt have been more perfect, as our staying accomodation was near the Wawel Palace, which was just behind our apartments. And everything is all walking distance only, like the Old Town Square, which we visited at night also.

The apartment itself was spacious and had four bedrooms, a nice sprawling living room, a well equipped kitchen. The only disadvantage was that there were only two washrooms and one bedroom and one washroom couldnt be latched from inside... :(. As it was easy on the budget and it was a one night stay, I guess we managed. For breakfast, which was quite filling, we either had to come down to 39, Florianska, or wait for housekeeping to bring us our breakfast. We chose the latter as the Krakow Glowny station was another 10 minutes away. 

In all, we liked the spacious rooms and an old world charm of the wooden floored apartment, as it was for a night, with all its shortcomings. Infact, I would say, it was terrific value for money.

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