Palace of Science and culture, Warsaw

Palace of Science and Culture,  also called PKiN (Pałac Kultury i Nauki ) one of tallest and most iconic architecture in Warsaw, can be seen from a lot of vantage points and it self is a vantage point for the rest of Warsaw. It has an observatory terrace and a restaurant on the 30th floor of this 42 storey high building. 

Despite the swift urbanization of this once most destroyed city of World War II, this is a huge reminder of the Communist era that followed Poland on the heels of the departure of the Germans. It was initially commissioned by Stalin, as a gift from the Soviet people and now houses offices, buildings, theatres, concert halls, academic institutions. 

Designed in the American Art Deco style by Soviet architect Lev Rudnev, it is built in the "seven sisters" style of buildings of Hotel Ukraina, Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Apartments, the Kudrinskaya Square Building, the Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya Hotel, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs main building, the main building of the Moscow State University, and the Red Gates Administrative Building. All of them uncannily look the same. Designed like a Soviet many layered  wedding cake, it is also referred to as an  "elephant in lingerie"

Apparently, the 5,000 workers who built this in three years were brought in from erstwhile Soviet Union and housed in a specially made village, Jelonki. 16 of them died. Stalin himself, was not alive when this building was completed.

The 30th Floor observation deck is accessible after booking tickets.

Opening Hours: 10.00 to 20.00 (From May to September)

Every Friday and Saturday it is open at night also from 20.00 to 23.30

For booking and other details, you can look up the official website of Palace of Science and Culture, Warsaw

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