Panorama Skybar, Marriot Hotel, Warsaw

After our four hour guided tour of Warsaw in a Retro Fiat and spending another couple of hours at Old Town Square, loitering and shopping for some amber, we reached our hotel, pretty tired. In thee morning, we had journeyed from Krakow by the EIP Train from Warsaw to Krakow. Although our DIY itinerary talked about exploring the neighborhood, we decided to postpone it. Thats one huge plus of a DIY Itinerary. 

After making ourselves some tea in our well equipped hotel rooms, we got ready to go and get a Panoramic perspective of Warsaw. This we could have done from the XXX floor terrace of Palace of Science and culture, buying a ticket online or onsite. But the sad part would be: it is the Palace of Science and culture which creates a dramatic skyline by day or night. This piece of architecture, gifted by the Soviets to the Poles still vie for attention , even amongst all the new modern architectural interests , like the Zlote Tarasay mall or Warsaw Spires. So we decided to go to the Panorama Skybar, the highest bar in Europe, on the 40th Floor of Marriot Hotel.

We had bought a Weekend Group Ticket (each for a max of 5 people), which started from Friday evening to Monday morning. As it was a Friday evening, we initialized our travel card in the validating machine of tram line 24. Barely 2 km away, near the Warsaw Central Station, we reasoned that sipping lager beer or some mock tails for a mere 3, 4 Euros, seeing the Palace of Science and Culture would be a good option. And it was. The beautifully lit up Palace of Science and Culture looked beautiful.

We had a good time, as the ambience was good, service friendly. But, somehow, heres a "Do" that scores over Panorama Skybar: Hit the Warsaw Spire, the new trending block in town, for a birds eye view of Warsaw and better experience.

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