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 From Krakow to Prague, we decided to experience a coach as well as a train. We came across this Leo Express, which had a coach and train. It was new. It was affordable . We were not disappointed.

Considering it was our first European travel, it was not difficult to figure out where to pick up the bus from. All bus stations are together with railway stations and lots of information kiosks and signage boards to help us. It was not hard to identify the bus as the logo is printed on the exterior of the bus. The ride was very very comfortable, with complimentary coffee and wafer. There was also free wifi.


We were dropped off at Bohumin Train Station at the Czech Republic (which is a very small station) for our train to Prague. Announcements were consistently made in English to keep us updated. So we had no issues with the short wait. Huge signboards guided us. Moreover, most of our fellow passengers from the coach were also boarding the same train as this was a popular way to travel between Krakow and Prague.

The total length of the journey was about 6 hours. Approximately 1 and 1/ 2 hours from Kraków (PL)(10am to 12.45 pm) to Bohumín (CZ) by bus, waiting for 27 mins then from 13.12 hours to 16.39 hrs in Praha hl.n (prague main railway station) by train.

 Both bus and train were equipped with free WiFi and the seats were very comfortable with enough leg space, even for tall people. Luggage racks, shelves were abundant.

Taking a cab from Prague railway station

Here are some tips that might save you headaches and a few  crowns: 

• Don't get into a taxi that is parked in front of the train station or at a tourist  site. These are often waiting for unsuspecting tourists and are known to charge rates several times higher.

• If you need to catch a taxi on the street, make sure it is a real, registered taxi. The yellow roof lamp must be permanently installed and must say TAXI in black letters on both sides. The driver's name, license number and rates should be printed on both front doors.

• Try to find out beforehand how much your ride should cost. If you're stopping a taxi on the street, you can ask the driver before getting in and even pay in advance if the amount sounds reasonable. If you're ordering a taxi by phone, which is always a good idea, you can get a price estimate or even the exact fare from the dispatcher.

• Once in the car, make sure that the rate on the taximeter corresponds to the price list posted in the car. If it doesn't, bring it to the driver's attention or have him stop the car, so you can get off.

• The driver should offer a printed receipt. If he doesn't, you have the right to request one or refuse to pay the fare.

• Be smart and order a taxi by phone from one of these reliable and courteous taxi companies:


-AAA Radiotaxi - tel. 14 0 14 or 222 333 222,
- City Taxi - tel. 257 257 257,
- Profi Taxi - tel. 14 0 15,
- Halotaxi - tel. 2 4411 4411,
- Sedop - tel. 777 666 333,


Getting around in the city

The easiest and cheapest way of transport is to buy Prague Travel Pass 24, 48 or 72 hours (which covers travel by Prague Public Transport system, DPP, be it by tram, bus, boat). You can also buy 1 hr travel tickets. Tickets and passes are very cheap in Czech. It is wise to get some local currency Czech Kroners (CZK) to make local purchases like souvenirs or water or ICECREAM! There are also bureaux de change / currency exchange offices and cashpoints (ATMs), plus a Public Transport Information Centre at Praha Hlavni Nadrazi (Main Train Station)

  Why Buy a Travel card/ Pass

  • Unlimited travel by bus, tram, bus, boat by Public Transport system , DPP

  • You can plan a route to take you to desired points of interest

  • You get to experience the people and places by closer interactions

  • You dont need to constantly keep opening your wallet and attract the wrong kind of attention

  • You dont need to tender the exact local change 

  • You can hop onto any DPP vehicle, if you feel tired or if it suddenly starts raining

  • The Travel card also is acceptable for the furnicular train to Petrin hill, although there is an additional enrance fee once you reach the top.


   From where to buy the DPP Travel cards

  • Public Transport Information Centre at Praha Hlavni Nadrazi (Main Prague Train Station)   

  How to use a Travel card

  Every DPP vehicle, bus, tram will have a validating machine, where you need to validate the travel card, each       and every time you enter a bus or tram. The Travelcard is not date stamped and is activated upon first use.

    Along with  Rome2rio  and Moovit, you can find  more specific details at 


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