Scandic no 53, Stockholm

We booked Scandic no 53 because it was the most reasonable Hotel near Stockholm Centraal station, where our airport bus would stop. Initially. we had booked First Hotel Kungsbron, but changed. It was a good decision, as Scandic no 53 is located in a lovely high fashion shopping area of Kungsgatan, quite a central location. And the Scandic branch of hotels is known for their quality.

Moreover, the iconic Swedish Cafe, Vette Katten, with an old world charm was next door. And our visit to the Ice Bar was added to our itinerary as it was in Ice Hotel, which was baely 200m from our hotel.

The reception people were very helpful. The complementary breakfast was pretty substantial.

And the night we reached Stockholm, it had gotten so late, all restaurants were shut by 9pm. Thank god, there was a Burger King closeby, where we could pick up dinner. Moreover, 210 m away, opposite Hotorget tram stop, there is an Indian restaurant, Little India (open till 22.00 hours), which you can try , when you have tried the local cuisine and would like to fall back on Indian tastes.

The nearest bus stop was Hotorget, from which we could take public transport easily. Moreover there was a Telenor outlet closeby and also a Flea Market, Hay Market and a shopping mall. Somewhere in between the mall and the Flea Market, we found a Departmental store, from where we finally got the EU mobile subscription plan we were looking for.

The only negative was...the standard rooms were very small. The double bed ate up nearly the whole space. But considering the plusses of location, and we were there for a couple of days, the smallness of the room could be forgotten.

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