Stockholm: Transportation tips


 From Arlanda airport to Stockholm city centre, one can either take a cab, a train or an Airport express coach.

Cab would be an uncomfortable 50 mins drive, with no leg space. The train takes less time, around 20 minutes , but can be slightly expensive. 

We preferred the Flygbussarna Express Coach, which falls cheaper, although not covered under Travel card. Although there are ticket vending machines, we bought the tickets online, as it falls cheaper and we were familiar with the page. The bus stop was easy to find, right outside the terminal gate. And it would drop us at Stockholm City Terminalen, the main bus stop, from where we would be boarding our return trip too.


And in the 50 minutes Volvo bus drive, you get to travel and see the beautiful Stockholm. Its a beautiful way to form your first impressions of a beautiful city, Stockholm.

 Getting around in the city

The easiest and cheapest way of transport is to buy either a Stockholm Travel card for 24, 48 or 72 hours (which covers   only travel) or invest in a Stockholm pass (which covers both travel and some passes to places of interest). The factors   that help you decide is how long is your stay and what all you would like to see. So basically you need to see the   comparative costs and take a call.

  Why Buy a Travel card/ Pass

  • Unlimited travel by bus, tram, underground/ subway, ferries of SL(Stockholm Public Transport). All travelcards are valid for travel on      the Djurgården ferries between Slussen and Djurgården, as well as commuter ferries 80, 85 and 89.

  • You can plan a route to take you to desired points of interest

  • You get to experience the people and places by closer interactions

  • You dont need to constantly keep opening your wallet and attract the wrong kind of attention

  • You dont need to tender the exact local change 

  • You can hop onto any SL vehicle, if you feel tired or if it suddenly starts raining


   From where to buy the SL Travel cards

  • At Arlanda airport in Skycity/ Tourist information centre OR Pressbyran

  • SL information centre, central station, Stockholm (lower floor)

  • Any NK Departmental/ Pressbyran stores.  

  How to use a Travel card

  Every SL vehicle, bus, tram will have a validating machine, where you need to validate the travel card, each and every time you enter    a bus or tram. The Travelcard is not date stamped and is activated upon first use.In Subways/ TBana ..Underground trains, you need to push it through slots at the turnstiles, when you enter. 

    Along with  Rome2rio  and Moovit, you can find  more specific details at 




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