Retro Tourist tram "T", Warsaw

When going through bus routes and timetables in the ZTM transport page, I came across a very interesting find.  There was a special Tram "T", retro style, which operated from 26 June to 2 September, in Warsaw, catering for Tourists. Apparently, there is also Bus Line 100, catering for the same purpose. they both start operating from 12 noon, every 45 mins and run through Old Town, Warsaw Uprising Museum, Royal Łazienki Park and Palace complex, Copernicus Science Center, PGE National Stadium, zoo, amongst others.


Bus Line 100 starts at Centrum 04 Bus Stop. Tram line T starts at EN. NARUTOWICZA. Both these are covered under Public Transport Tickets. But be careful. They are accepted only after a minimum first validation in another ZTM vehicle.

Moreover, if you want to be assured of a seat, its always better to go to the terminus points by another tram or bus, which we did, and hence got the tickets validated. 

Apparently every third tram has a Tourist Guide talking about the history of Poland. But as it is in Polish, it wouldn't make much sense to non Polish speaking tourists. There are maps, pamphlets on these trams, which you can use, though.

For me, it was a fun ride. With music and retro wooden seating inside, we saw a lot of Warsaw, which otherwise we could have missed. was raining that our enjoyment was doubled. Its a Must Do, if you are in Warsaw from 26 June to 2 September!

Have you come across such fun, tourist public transport experience? Do share your experiences in the Comments box below.

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