Vasa Museum (STOCKHOLM)

Vasa Museum is easily accessible by any tram, using your travel card. The bus stop you get off is Nordic Museum. The Vasa Museum is near to it. Tickets can be bought online. But we bought the tickets at the counter only. It is also covered in Stockholm City Pass, if you are there for a longer visit.

The external architecture screams out what its all about. A much visited museum of the world, it is a museum with a difference.  The museum is about a  69 m long warship that sank on its maiden voyage in 1628 and was salvaged 333 years later. The ship is preserved at optimum temperature of 18 degrees, so that it does not undergo any further deterioration. 

The Swedish people have mastered the art of story telling. There are models through which the story is told. there are videos being aired in a hall. Of course, there are guided tours available. Even the story of Restoration of the Masthead is exhibited interestingly, displaying the discolored masthead as was found on the sea bed and its recreation of the original hues and colors , using natural color powders.

Vasa museum has a fine dining experience, which needs to be booked online. It is expensive though. Then there is a cafeteria, where  you  can pick up food. There are also waterside cafes just nearby.

Visiting  Hours: 

1 September - 31 May:
Daily 10:10 - 17 
Wednesdays 10:10 - 20 

New Year's Eve: 10:00 - 15: 00

Closed days: 
January 1, December 23-25

June 1st - August 31:
Daily at. 8.30 - 18

Booking tickets and other details you can find in the official webpage of VASA Museum.

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