Tour with local Guide in Retro Fiat, Warsaw

We had booked this tour of Warsaw by Retro fiat online. They had promised that not only would they take us to important landmarks, but would adjust any request of us in the route. There was pick up and drop off from our hotel. we were careful to make a phonecall to them a day prior as reminder.

Our Polish guide was everything a Polish guy is....very very good looking, very very polite, very very professional, and very passionate about his country, and easy to fall in love a tourist.

Our tour in this typical yellow, Retro fiat had a lot of people turning their heads our way. We covered Palace of Culture and Science, Museum Isle, passed Zlote tarasy on the way. On our request, he took us to the Bohemian Praga district, the Soho Factory area....a new upcoming place in warsaw....a blend of industrial and artistic innovations, where we visited the Neon Museum. He also accompanied us to a Milk Bar, iconic places to get economical food during the communist period, but was disappointed in the fare. 


Lastly he took us to Old Town Square...He explained by showing us pictures how this place was razed to the ground twice...once by fire and once by the world war...but restored through  paintings reference points....He talked about the Victory column, mermaid Syrenka, the protector of Poland.

As we had exceeded our 4 hours,he left us at the Old Town Square and not the hotel. They are very professional!

We were only too happy as there was so much to  idle and spent time at the Old Town Square. We did some amber shopping too in Amber museum/ palace. And later after seeing the St Anne Church and Bell tower, took a tram back to our hotel.

This is only a part. Read more about the complete Itinerary in the Warsaw Diaries.  For a detailed Itinerary Plan, you can always write to us at We would love to share our do's and don'ts with you. One of the most important reason why we have opened this blog: to inspire more people to share the Joy of Traveling.

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