Warsaw: Transportation tips


We travelled from Vilnius to Warsaw by the low cost carrier LOT Polish Airlines. Do check luggage allowance. We left Vilnius at 10 am and reached Warsaw Airport also known by its old name, Okecie,   at 10.10 am, despite it being an hours flight. Can you guess why?

As Warsaw is relatively a budget friendly place, taking a cab from airport to hotel was the wisest choice. There are three registered taxis: Ele, Super and Sawa. Go to the registerd Taxi stand, outside Arrivals, at the first level, follow a yellow line directing you there. Go by the Meter.

 Getting around in the city

The easiest and cheapest way of transport is to buy either a ZTM Short term tickets for 1 day, 3 days, weekend tickets, group weekend tickets. (which covers   only travel) or invest in a City pass (which covers both travel and some passes to places of interest). The factors   that help you decide is how long is your stay and what all you would like to see. So basically you need to see the   comparative costs and take a call.

We were lucky as we were a group and visiting Warsaw at a weekend. So we bought a Group Weekend Ticket,  (group of upto 5 people) which starts from 7pm on a Friday and ends at 8 am on Monday, which cut costs further.

  Why Buy a ZTM Day Tickets

  • Unlimited travel by bus, tram, metro of ZTM Warsaw Public Transport).

  • You can plan a route to take you to desired points of interest

  • You get to experience the people and places by closer interactions

  • You dont need to constantly keep opening your wallet and attract the wrong kind of attention

  • You dont need to tender the exact local change 

  • You can hop onto any ZTM vehicle, if you feel tired or if it suddenly starts raining


   From where to buy the ZTM Day Tickets

  • Buy a ticket before boarding buses, trams and metros. Tickets are sold at Ruch and Relay news stands, some hotels, post offices, Metro stations and various general stores – look for a sign saying 'SprzedażyBiletów ZTM'.

  • You can buy your day ticket at Warsaw Chopin airport at a designated transport shop with ZTM logo on it in the arrival section of the airport - landside public section., that shop is situated before leaving main terminal. They are either red and gray or blue and yellow, and rather conspicuous.

How to use a Day Ticket

Electronic validating machines installed in vehicles operated on ZTM lines and available on metro stations enable validation of tickets. Immediately validate your ticket after boarding the bus or tram (in a yellow validator).

Tickets are not checked by the drivers. They may be randomly inspected in a station or in a bus/tram by plain-clothes inspectors with portable ticket/card readers, so it is up to you to have a valid (activated) ticket. The ticket inspectors in Warsaw are paid a commission on the number of fare-dodgers they catch, so they are rarely lenient and generally rather harsh to deal with. Being caught without a valid ticket might be one of the least pleasant experiences possible in Warsaw, so do your best to avoid it.

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